Shoe care

  • Before applying any care products, clean your shoes with a humidified sponge.Let them dry for at least 24 hours.
  • Apply the cream using a soft cotton cloth wrapped around a finger or two in small circular motions.
  • For better results, allow the cream to penetrate for at least 10–15 minutes before polishing off with a soft brush.
  • In addition, though not essential, a wax polish can be applied to give a more gleaming patina, especially to the toe and heel area. Application of the wax is done in the same method as the cream, with a dab of water if required to achieve the desired glazed effect.
  • Give a final touch with a dry cotton cloth or soft brush to remove the excess cream or wax from the creasing.
  • Using a shoetree daily will keep the shoes in optimum shape and will help to soften creasing.
  • For more pleasure and comfort, always use a shoe horn to avoid misshaping your shoes or damaging the back.
  • Rotate your shoes between wears to allow the leather time to dry and breathe.
  • For the maintenance of suede shoes, simply brush when needed with a dedicated brush.

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